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The Last Diaper Ointment You'll Ever Buy

Diaper Rash Gone, For Good! 


Grand Prize iPad Winner! Babies R Us
CVS Pharmacy Target
FREE shipping for orders over $44
 Starts Working Immediately! Doctor Tested and Recommended
 Helps Eliminate Diaper Rash Prevents, Protects, & Heals
 Hypo-Allergenic & Preservative-Free  Semi-Occlusive Breathable Formula
  No More White Messy Paste


"I, Mario D. Zambrano, have been recommending Grandma El’s diaper rash ointment for over one year now. I must say that this one of the best diaper rash remedies out there in the market these days."
-Mario D. Zambrano MD, FAAP

Free Sample! Learn More!Extensive research goes into every product we make.  All of our products are formulated using only the safest ingredients which are on the FDA GRAS list (generally regarded as safe list).  All of our products are manufactured in the USA under sound manufacturing procedures as set forth and monitored by the FDA.

We DO NOT use Phthalates, parabens, dyes, or any harmful ingredients whatsoever. Our preservative systems are comprised of natural plant life.

 'While Grandma El's works well with many brands of cloth diapers, there may be some brands or styles with which it may not. Grandma El's is not responsible for possible damages to cloth diapers or clothes.'


Grandma El’s philosophy:

" We shall only use the highest quality and most effective ingredients to make the finest products which produce real results.  For consumers who are health conscious and desire the best, Grandma El's is for you."





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