Grandma El’s

Grandma El’s was formulated in early 1972 by Robert Posner, a renowned skin care specialist and cosmetic chemist. It was used for over a decade in over 150 Tri-State nursing homes and hospitals to treat bed sores. Eleanor Posner, affectionately known as Grandma El by her grandchildren, used the ointment to treat and prevent diaper rash for her children and grandchildren.

Jon and Melissa Posner decided to market this miraculous formulation in 2005 after they had seen the product work wonders for a friend’s baby. A friend had mentioned that her daughter had such a severe diaper rash and nothing seemed to be helping it. They gave some of the ointment to her. The next day, she asked for more. She said her daughter had stopped crying from the pain, and the ointment was healing the raw skin. Within a day, the rash was gone. With that, they decided to market the product as a diaper rash remedy and prevention using the name Grandma El’s. Since then, the company has grown at a dramatic pace and the product is currently sold worldwide allowing parents and babies to access to the protecting and healing power of Grandma El’s. If your baby is in diapers, You Need Grandma El’s!