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Dos & Donts

The Do’s

1. Always apply a thin coat of Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention to the peri-anal (diaper) area with each and every diaper change.
2. Always use Grandma El’s Gentle Baby Cleanser when bathing your little one. The natural ingredients will assure your baby the safest experience.
3. Change your baby’s diapers frequently, at least every 2 hours with newborns. As your baby begins to urinate less often, so will the frequency of changing the diapers.
4. Be sure to change dirty diapers immediately to prevent urine from coming into contact with the skin. Applying Grandma El’s will also help in creating a barrier to keep the urine from coming into contact with the skin.
5. Consider changing the brand of diapers you use. A better fit means more comfort. You wouldn’t want to wear pants that are too tight yourself.
6. If you are using cloth diapers, be sure to clean them thoroughly before use.
7. Be sure to clean and dry the entire peri-anal area thoroughly when changing diapers
8. If possible, cleanse the area with a wash cloth or cotton balls. If you must use wipes, try and use wipes that are all natural and unscented as some baby’s can become allergic to preservatives and fragrances found in some wipes.
9. When changing diapers, try and give your baby’s bottom some time exposed to the air, in their ‘birthday suit’. This can help the healing process along.

The Don’ts

1. Do not use a thick paste or cream which will not allow your baby’s skin to breathe.
2. Some people will tell you to use generous amounts of cream, paste, or lotion on an affected area. Adding more is not the answer as this will prevent much needed air to contact the skin. Applying a thin coat of Grandma El’s is the answer.
3. Do not mix together household items that you think will heal or dry the affected area. You can make the condition much worse. Leave it to the pros. Your neighbor that mixes a few things together from the refrigerator is not a pro!
4. Do not rub the area to dry it, gently pat the area dry.
5. Most pediatricians suggest avoiding the use of talcum powder and cornstarch as the possibilities exist that they can cause respiratory problems and the formation of yeast respectively.